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Tomorrow will be one of the most exciting days of the year for supercar enthusiasts in Vancouver, as up to 100 exotic cars will drive all the way from downtown Vancouver to the beautiful resort town of Whistler as part of the Luxury & Supercar Weekend‘s 2014 Diamond Rally. Drivers will start arriving at Brian Jessel BMW (2311 Boundary Rd) from 9-10AM where they will enjoy a continental breakfast, sort out their paperwork for the drive, and watch the new all-electric BMW i8’s first ever rally drive. This will be a great opportunity to lay eyes on some of the city’s most rare and powerful supercars, and – best of all – it’s a charitable event, with each driver able to raise funds for their favourite charity.

At 11:15AM, the rally will receive a police escort on to Highway 99, and an about an hour later it will arrive at its first pit stop in Squamish’s Chances Gateway Casino (9000 Valley Drive), where all 100 cars will be on display in the parking lot for approximately 30 minutes. The rally will then continue on to Whistler Village, where it will stop at Whistler Olympic Plaza (4144 Village Stroll) for an hour-long display that locals can stop by and enjoy.

To find out more about this fantastic annual event, visit the official 2014 Diamond Rally website or Luxury & Supercar Weekend’s official Twitter profile and Facebook page.

Talk about something you don’t see every day! This video from the folks at Vancouver Exoticx shows the first McLaren P1 to arrive in Canada being unloaded on the streets of Vancouver, started up, and taken for a quick spin around the block. Only 375 of these hybrid supercars were made in total, and with a selling price of about $1.15 million USD each, calling them “rare” is a bit of an understatement. Still, we now know that at least 1 of these exceptional vehicles is on the streets here in Canada, and it’s entirely possible that more will be delivered to other buyers across the country over the coming weeks. Check out our Vancouver supercar rentals page to see some of the exotic cars we currently have for rent in Vancouver, or to inquire about new and rare models that you’re interested in.


The ultra-popular Luxury & Supercar Weekend will be returning to Vancouver for its fifth consecutive year this September. The main attraction of this three-day event is a massive open-air exotic car show on the beautifully manicured Great Lawn of VanDusen Botanical Gardens, where car lovers can get a glimpse of rare supercars, restorations, classics, and even concept cars. The display is tightly curated by the event’s Concours d‘Elegance selection committee, which ensures that only the very best of the best automobiles are included. You’ll definitely want to bring your camera, because seeing many of these cars may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – that’s how exclusive the selection process is.

Of course, the abundance of amazing cars are just the start of this huge event. It also includes designer fashion shows, luxury car collecting seminars, an awards ceremony, and enough food & entertainment to keep anybody engaged from start to finish. The crowd is well-heeled and the festival atmosphere has everybody in a great mood, making this not just an opportunity to have fun and admire exotic cars, but to meet your fellow supercar collectors and enthusiasts as well.

The 2014 Luxury & Supercar Weekend runs from September 5th to 7th in VanDusen Botanical Garden (5251 Oak Street). To buy your tickets, keep up to date on the latest event updates, or learn more about it, you can visit the event’s homepage, its Twitter profile, its Facebook page, its Instagram profile, or its Weibo page.

Get up close and personal with an exotic car that most of us will never be fortunate enough to drive, thanks to this HD video of a 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish Volante at the Toronto Auto Show. From the sleek exterior to the red-and-black British-engineered interior, this vehicle is a true marvel of modern luxury sports car design and construction. As the topless version of Aston Martin’s flagship model, this convertible is a car designed not only to be admired – which we are all doing right now, no doubt – but to be driven with style. With a top speed of 295 km/h and the ability to reach 100 km/h in just 4.1 seconds, the Vanquish Volante is a thing of both beauty and power. If you’d like to rent an Aston Martin Vanquish, or any other exotic supercar in Toronto, head over to our Toronto Supercar Rentals page to get started!

When strolling down 17th Avenue in downtown Calgary, what do you think the odds are that you’d stumble across over a dozen Ferraris parked in succession? However unlikely it may seem, that’s exactly what happened to the lucky fellow who took this video last summer. Turns out the Ferrari Club of America – Alberta Chapter was holding its annual meeting, and they chose Melrose Cafe & Bar on 17th as the location. If you’d like to rent a Ferrari or any other rare supercar in Calgary, head on over to our Calgary Supercar Rentals page to get started!

For exotic car lovers in Vancouver, the city’s annual Luxury Supercar Weekend in VanDusen Botanical Gardens is one of the highlights of the year. This popular event lets people admire countless rare supercars in the flesh (or rather, in the metal), all while enjoying the company of other car lovers, collectors, and owners. This video, shot at the 2012 Supercar Weekend, features a red Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 in all its glory. The V12 engine gets a close-up shot around the 40-second mark, while the rest of the video focuses primarily on this fine vehicle’s sleek exterior design and iconic scissor doors. If you’re interested in renting a Lamborghini Aventador or any other luxury sports car in Vancouver, just visit our Vancouver Supercar Rentals page and get started!